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Vijayawada, the City of Victory, is a famous city that is situated on the banks of Krishna River in Andhra Pradesh. Known for comprising the largest railway junction of South India, Vijaywada is encircled by the Indrakiladri hills on its west and Budameru River on its north. Along with being prominent for commerce, the city is also a blossoming tourism destination in Krishna district. In earlier times, it is believed to have been visited by the Chinese traveler, Hieun T`sang.

Apart from its mythological significance, Vijaywada has also contributed to the economic and fiscal reasons of the district as well as the state. This third largest city of the state is also known as Bezawada. It also serves as the venue for Krishna Pushkaram, which is an all-India festival celebrated once in twelve years. The spirituality also comes alive in the excavated sites of Buddhist stupas like Amaravati, Gudivada, Ghantasala etc.

Amidst rich vegetation and striking temples, the region looks really entrancing. It also has the distinction of having Prakasam Barrage, which is more than 1000 meters long and comprises both rail track and road. Besides temples and stupas, Vijayawada has many historical places that could be of your interest. Travel to Vijayawada and see for yourself the vibrant people and rich culture of this cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Vijayawada Tourist Attractions
Kanaka Durga Temple Andhra PradeshVijayawada has many interesting places that make a nice tour to the city. In the company of Granite Mountains, the historical monuments appear lively with the hoary appeal. Be it museums containing relics, splendid temples and mosques, engraved caves or modern structures, the city is full of special charms. Once visited, these attractions would become part of your most cherished memories. On your trip to Vijaywada, tourist attractions would add to the excitement of the whole journey. Scroll down to get more information about the sightseeing tours in Vijayawada.

Kanaka Durga Temple: Perhaps Kanaka Durga Temple is the most popular temple of the city. Perched on Indrakiladri Hill, the temple provides a panoramic view of Vijayawada. The presiding deity in the temple is Kanaka Durga, who is considered as the Goddess of power, riches and benevolence. There are several inscriptions inside the temple, representing different dynasties. Though all festivals are observed here with full enthusiasm, Dusshera deserves special mention. People from all parts of the region come to visit this divine temple.

Kanaka Durga Temple

Prakasam Barrage: Prakasam Barrage presents a wonderful sight with its colossal size across Krishna River. Finished in 1957, Prakasam Barrage comprises both railway track and road. A Venetian look has been granted to the city by a huge lake and three canals along the barrage.

Prakasam Barrage

Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum: Situated on Bandar Road, Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum has been set up by the State Archaeological Department. It comprises beautiful sculptures, attractive paintings, idols, weapons, cutlery and inscriptions that date back to the 1st and 2nd centuries.

Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum

Bhavani Island: Perhaps Bhavani Island is the largest island in Krishna River. Located near Prakasam Barrage, the island has been groomed up by Andhra Pradesh tourism. It has some cottages that offer really cozy accommodation. A boat ride to this island in itself would be an electrifying activity.

Bhavani Island

Gunadala Church: Also known as St. Mary's Church, Gunadala Church was earlier an orphanage. It is to be found on the eastern side of the town on a hillock. 'Our Lady of Lourdes' is an annual event observed at the church that is attended by hundreds of people.

Gunadala Church

The Gandhi Stupa: Perched on Gandhi Hill, the Stupa was the first memorial built in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi across the country. Here one can see the teachings of the legend inscribed on stone slabs. Gandhi Memorial Library, Planetarium, Sound and Light Show are the added attractions at the hill.

The Gandhi Stupa

Hazrathbal Mosque: Hazrathbal Mosque is an important holy place in Vijayawada. Special attraction of the mosque is that it houses a sacred relic of Prophet Mohammad that is exhibited once in a year. People from far and wide come to pay their homage at the mosque.

Hazrathbal Mosque

Akkana and Madanna Caves: En route for Kanaka Durga Temple, Akkana and Madanna Caves are the rock-cut caves built in the 17th century. Akkana and Madanna were actually ministers in the court of Abdul Hasan Tanashah. These caves are accompanied by one more cave that dates back to the 2nd century and houses trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara.

Akkana and Madanna Caves

Rajiv Gandhi Park: Rajiv Gandhi Park is an educative park, erected by the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation. Being at the entrance of the city, the park welcomes the tourists with its impressive horticultural work. In the company of mini zoo, playing area for children and a musical water fountain, Rajiv Gandhi National Park is a favorite picnic spot amongst the people.

Rajiv Gandhi Park

Malleswaraswami Temple: In the proximity of Kanaka Durga Temple, the shrine of Malleswaraswami is sited on Indrakiladri hill. Lord Mallikarjuna is known by the name of Malleswara in the Puranas. The idol inside the shrine is believed to have been installed by Yudhishthira (the eldest brother of the Pandavas) to commemorate their victory in the South.

Vijayeswara Swami Temple: In the vein of other temples, Vijayeswara temple is positioned on Indrakiladri Hill in Vijayawada. The installation of deity is regarded to have been done by Arjuna to mark his victory with Lord Shiva as 'Kirata' (hunter).

Besant Road: Besant Road is the most busy and crowded roads of Vijaywada. In and around this place, you can find about 50 cinema halls since theatres are the major source of entertainment for people.

Subramanya Swamy Temple: One amongst the popular temples in Vijayawada, Subramanya Swamy Temple is also sited Indrakiladri Hill. One can take a flight of steps to reach the shrine. At the time of Skanda Shashti Festival, the temple receives thousands of devotees from all nearby areas.

Sri Nagarala Sri Maha Lakshmi Ammavaru Temple: Located in Chiitinagar, Sri Nagarala Sri Maha Lakshmi Ammavaru Temple is a significant shrine in Vijayawada. Dussehra, being the major festival celebrated at the temple, attracts devotees from far and wide.

Vijayawada Excursions
Kondapalli Fort Andhra PradeshVijayawada is enchanting with its ancient temples and new developments. It is definitely the place for you want to spend quality time amidst the city of hoary charms. To keep you engaged in its exotic beauty, Vijayawada has many tourist places near its boundaries. It seems that this temple town has spread its divine aura in the suburbs too. Though modern facilities have touched these places, they have kept their traditional values intact. Scroll down to get more information about Vijaywada excursions.

Amravati: Sited on the banks of River Krishna, Amravati is a sacred place known for Amareswara Temple. The town has been mentioned in the Indian epics as Dhanyakataka and Andhranagari. Located about 66 km to the south of Vijayawada, Amaravati is an excavation site of an earliest Buddhist Stupa.

Amravati Stupa

Manginapudi Beach: Manginapudi Beach revives the times of the yore, when its port used to serve as a gateway of India. Located near Machilipatnam, this spectacular beach falls along the coastline of Andhra Pradesh. Apart from its natural splendor, the coast also has historical significance.

Kuchipudi: Located at a distance of 60 km from Vijayawada, Kuchipudi is the same place after which the State's dance has been named. Kuchipudi, being the hometown of Siddhendra Yogi (instigator of Kuchipudi dance), is known for its artistic and literary pursuits. In the present day, a full-fledged dance school is still reviving the memories of the great artiste.

Gudivada: Also known as 'Vidarbhapuri', Gudivada is prominent for its historical temples. This place is believed to have been existed for over 2000 years, though it was popularized during the time of the Satavahanas. Sited about 45 km from Vijayawada, Gudivada was named after the numerous temples it had. The site has got ruins of age-old temples and is worth-visiting.

Mogalrajapuram Caves: Located at a distance of 5 km from Vijayawada, Mogalrajapuram Caves actually are three cave temples that date back to the 5th century. Though in ruins, these caves present a wonderful sight. The fresco of Ardhanareeshwara found here, is said to be an exclusive one in South India. Other deities depicted are Lord Nataraja and Lord Vinayaka.

Mangalagiri: Known for Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, Mangalagiri is a small town about 12 km from Vijaywada. The rock-cut shrine is dedicated to Lord Narasimha, who is also referred as Panakala Narasimha. The reason behind the name 'Pankala' is that the Lord is offered 'Panaka', a dish made of jaggery. It is a very old temple and various eminent personalities are believed to have visited this shrine. An interesting fact about the temple is that you can trace no fly or ant in its premises though mounds of jaggery and sweets are stored inside.

Mangalagiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple

Kondapalli: Kondapalli is a small village, situated at a distance of 16 km from Vijayawada. This hamlet has the distinction of making amazing toys out of the light-weight wood. With their interesting color scheme and designs, Kondapalli toys are popular in both national and international markets. Besides wooden toys, the village is also known for embracing a fort, dating back to the 7th century. Perched on a hill, Kondapalli Fort was built by King Krishna Deva Raya. It still reminds one of the days of the royalty, with its notable three storeyed rock tower.

Chandavaram: Chandavaram, an important Buddhist site, is located about 50 km from Vijayawada. The highlight of the place is formed by a remarkable double terraced stupa, which is to be found on the top of Singarakonda Hill. There are no less than 30 carved limestone panels that were excavated and once had been the grace of domes, drums and railings of Stupa. Chaityagrihas, Viharas and numerous minor stupas are other attractions on the hill.

Vijayawada Weather
Climate: Tropical
Summer Temperature: Maximum - 47°C, Minimum - 28°C
Winter Temperature: Maximum - 30°C, Minimum - 15°C

Vijayawada, the City of Victory, essentially observes tropical climate with intense humidity. The geography of the city clarifies the climate of the third largest city of Andhra Pradesh. Rivers and hills are the basic part of county's landscape. In the vein of other parts of India, Vijayawada too, enjoys three basic seasons of summer, monsoon and winter. Summers lingers from the month of March to June, where the mercury commonly touches the mark of 47°C. The acute temperature along with humidity makes it really difficult to sustain in such weather conditions.

Owing to its blazing summer heat, Vijayawada is also named as 'Blazewada'. The monsoon season brings a little relief to the scorched souls though not much. It persists from the month of July to October. As per the weather information, the city gets rainfall from both south-west monsoon and north-east monsoon. The erratic showers make the region all the more sultry and muggy. Winters elongates from the month of November to December, where temperature goes to the minimum of 15°C. It offers pleasant weather and the best time to visit the city of Vijayawada.

Shopping in Vijayawada
Shopping in VijayawadaVijayawada is a delight for tourists with its wide variety of interesting places. Along with these exciting destinations, the city also boasts of equally nice and attractive curios. Shopping is an exhilarating activity and when it is about unique range of handicrafts, the excitement gets doubled. If you are thinking about what to buy in Vijaywada, then don't think much, since the 'City of Victory' has more than enough items that would grab your attention.

Ranging from handloom products to handicrafts, furniture to textiles, pearl jewelry to silver jewelry, you can set off with anything and everything in Vijayawada. Besides these knick-knacks, the city has wonderful antiques, leather goods, pearls as well as semi precious stones to offer. Kalamkari paintings and handiworks are things not to be missed on your visit to Vijaywada, the third largest city of Andhra Pradesh.

Regarding shopping places, MG Road, Eluru Road, Besant Road and Governorpet are some of the popular markets in Vijaywada. There are many shopping malls that dole out maximum number of things under one roof. In the nearby areas, Kondapalli is a nice place to get colorful toys, made from light-weight wood. You can also browse the local markets, where you can find most of the items at reasonable price.

Vijayawada Accommodation
Vijayawada HotelsVijayawada, the commercial centre of Andhra Pradesh, perpetually receives visitors from far and wide. Besides economic reasons, the city has many attractions for tourists too. Since it is the largest railway junction of South India, sometimes travelers have to take halt at Vijaywada in order to board the next train to their destination. In case you are traveling to Vijaywada and thinking about accommodation there, then leave your worries aside, because the city has many places of stay to offer.

Relying on your preferences and budget, you can choose from the range of luxury hotels, budget hotels and guest houses. If you happen to be a business traveler, there are luxury hotels that provide all the requisite facilities to suit your needs. These hotels offer world-class ambience and treat their guests with flawless services. The people who are traveling for leisure would definitely like the opulence and sumptuousness of the star category hotels.

Besides the lavish hotels, there are many budget hotels and guest houses in Vijaywada that ensure comfortable stay at economical prices. These accommodations are dotted with all the basic facilities, to keep the guests at ease. Most of the hotels are conveniently located, near railway station or airport. All the hotels have restaurants that dole out lip-smacking dishes. You can plan out your sightseeing trips, taking assistance of the travel desk at your hotel also.

Luxury Hotels

* Quality Hotel D V Manor (4 Star)
* Fortune Murali Park Hotel (4 Star)
* Hotel Kandhari International (3 Star)
* Hotel Ilapuram (3 Star)
* Hotel Mamata (3 Star)
* Hotel Manorama (3 Star)
* Hotel Raj Towers (3 Star)
* Krishna Residency (3 Star)

Economy Hotels

* Hotel Santhi
* Hotel Sreenivas
* Hotel Swarna Palace
* Tilottama
* Sri Balaji
* Sangeeta
* Menace
* Narayana Swamy
* Modern
* Pecso
* Paradise Lodge
* Roja Rest House
* Prasant Lodge
* Eskimo Lodging
* Vikram
* Chandra

Guest Houses

* Bombay Guest House
* Guru Guest House
* Divya Rest House
* Dwaraka Rest House
* Kanakadurga Rest House
* Mayuri Rest House
* Nayagara Rest House
* Ramakrishna Rest House
* Sri Krishna Rest House
* Sri Sailaja Guest House

How to Reach Vijayawada

By Air: The nearest domestic airport is at Gannavaram, 20 km from the city connected to and from Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam.

By Train: The largest railway junction of the South Central Railway, it is well linked by a number of express and super fast trains to and from all the major cities of India.

By Road: Situated at the crossroads of National Highways 5 and 9 and a network of good motorable roads, it is well connected with the major cities of Andhra Pradesh and India.