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Located in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh is a small and beautiful city called Rajahmundry. Though the city is not very popular worldwide, still it is regarded as one of the most important cities of South India. Rajahmundry is situated on the banks of River Godavari and has a rich cultural past as well as a blooming future.
Rail Bridge on Godavari - Rajahmundry
Rail Bridge on Godavari (Rajahmundry-Kovvuru)

Originally Rajahmundry was called Rajamahendravaram or Rajamahendri but slowly with passage of time the names underwent metamorphosis and the name Rajahmundry evolved. During the 19th century the city was counted amongst one of the biggest cities in South India. In the present era too, Rajahmundry is the fifth largest city of Andhra Pradesh.

The city is called the 'cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh' and it is also the birth place of the Telugu language. Even today one can find traces of beautifully built palaces and forts of the 11th century.

Rajahmundry is a pilgrimage site for Hindus and one can find several temples here worth visiting. The famous Kotilingalu temple which is said to have 10 million Shivlingas is also located in Rajahmundry. An enormous Krishna temple is built by the ISKCON foundation here on the banks of River Godavari. Tourists in massive numbers gather here once in every twelve years to celebrate the Godavari Pushkaram.

Other than the temples, Rajahmundry also has few more attractions like the river Godavari, the Papi kondalu region, the Dowlaiswaram anicut and the Rajahmundry traps.

Asia's largest rail-cum-road bridge which is considered an engineering masterpiece is built on the river Godavari which links Kovvur to Rajahmundry. People from all over the world visit the place to see this beautiful bridge.
Big Shiva Lingam and Temple Near Godvari (Rajahmundry)
Big Shiva Lingam and Temple Near Godvari (Rajahmundry)

Big Shiva Lingam - Rajahmundry
Big Shiva Lingam - Rajahmundry

The anicut (dam) was built by Sir Arthur Cotton in Dawleswaram mainly due its perfect location. The dam consisted of four divisions namely, the Ryali Branch Division, Dowlaiswaram Division, Madduru division and Vijjeswaram division. The entire structure is built in 900yards long and 9 feet high frame.
Sir Arthur Cotton Barriage - Dawaleswaram
Sir Arthur Cotton Barriage - Dawaleswaram

A beautiful attraction in Rajahmundry is the Papi kondalu region. It is an ocular pleasure due to its spectacular waterfalls and beautiful landscape. The entire area is said to resemble the enchanting region of Kashmir in North India.
Papi Hills
Papi Hills (Papi Kondalu in Telugu)

The Rajahmundry traps which are part of the Deccan traps are another sight which attracts the visitors especially the geologists.
Boatage in Godavari River near Papi Hills
Boatage in Godavari River near Papi Hills

Thus, to sum up though Rajahmundry is a not so popular city on the world map but it definitely has much in store for people who have not visited this place. It has something to suit the taste of people by and large, so a trip to this quiet town should surely be on your charts.

Tourist Attractions in Rajahmundry

If you want to check out a destination which is different than the rest then a place you must visit is Rajahmundry. This is a land which you'll feel is a perfect destination for religious tour which nestles on the very scenic bank of River Godavari. Being Andhra Pradesh 5th largest city, Rajahmundry is a city which is supposed to be an important tourist center of Rajahmundry. The origin of the city was believed to be laid by Rajah Narendra , a famous ruler of the Eastern Chalukyas in somewhere 1022 A.D. The names by which this city was known as are Rajaraja Narendrapuram then it transformed to Rajamahendrayaram and after it Rajamandiram and finally, it was named as Rajahmundry. Known as the birthplace of the famous Poet Laureate, 'Nannayya', the city has gained immense popularity as a tourist spot. In all, the city is speckled with numerous tourist spots which tourists can check out in an ideal sightseeing tour. Mentioned below are some of them.

Vijjeswaram is a place of immense interest in Rajahmundry: At a distance of about 20 Kms from the downtown, lies this interesting tourist destination of Rajahmundry. As we head towards the western side of Andhra Pradesh's Godavari District, we can reach the famous tourist spot of Rajahmundry, Vijjeswaram. It is basically a Power project unit which often fascinates the tourist coming to the city.

One of the best tourist destinations of Rajahmundry is Annavaram: A tourist destination which is highly fascinating for the crowd of Rajahmundry is Annavaram. This destination is at a distance of about 72 Kms from the city center. It is one of the very sacred spots of Rajahmundry which is located on the hill top and is popularly known as Ratnagiri. Annavaram's presiding deity is Veeravenkata Satyanarayana Swamy and people believe that people who perform certain fasts and thereafter offer prayers to the deity, get their wishes fulfilled. This is a temple of immense faith not only in Rajahmundry but in the entire nation.

Interesting tourist spots of Rajahmundry includes Ryali: When counting the interesting tourist spots of Rajahmundry, a name which stands out is Ryali. This is a famous tourist destination of Rajahmundry which is at a distance of about 25 Kms from the main city. This is a beautifully built temple bearing an idol of Jaganmohini- Kesavaswami. The immense faith of people in the deity as well as the exceptionally beautiful carvings on the black stone idol of the temple makes it stand tall amid the other tourist places of Rajahmundry.

In short, the place Rajahmundry is blessed with numerous places of tourist interest. So if you wish to check out a place which makes a great combination of religious as well as scenic destination, then check out Rajahmundry. Try not missing out the given destination in the city and also ask the local crowd about other temples and destination which a tourist can check out.

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How To Reach Rajahmundry

By Road: National Highway number 5 between Chennai and Kolkatta connects this city. By road on NH 5 it is 200 KM from Visakhapatnam ( towards north or Kolkatta side ) and it is 160 KM from Vijayawada ( south or Chennai side ). Chennai is 600 Km from Rajahmundry. From Visakhapatnam it is 3 hours journey by road.

By Rail: Rajahmundry is connected by Chennai – Howrah main train line. All super fast and express trains stops at Rajahmundry station. After the main station train passes over the river Godavari ( while going towards Chennai ). Train takes 3 hours from Visakahaptnam ( north side ) and 9 hours from Hyderabad and 10 hours from Chennai ( south side )

By Air: There are daily flights from Hyderabad and Chennai by air Deccan.